Latin Heritage Cards


Here is what our clients are saying about Latin Heritage Cards.


The Latin heritage cards turned out to be a great tool for tutors. Whenever a student would finish homework quickly he/she would need to reinforce reading or they would pick one card from the pack and do research on that person.

Araceli, Latin American Youth Center (LAYC), Washington, D.C.


I just wanted to thank you again for donating the Latin heritage decks to me. They were a hit in on my trip to Dominican Republic. The Americans I traveled with were absolutely fascinated by what could be gained in knowledge while playing simple card games. I have to say the first few games we played were hard to get through. Everyone was so distracted with learning. The community we visited really appreciated the cards and begged me to bring more back in Spanish. Some of the children would pick out their favorite political leaders and singers etc and keep them to use as bookmarks, some taped them to their bedroom walls and others added them to shrines they had already created. All of this of course made most games impossible to play. Cards were always missing from the decks. I thought it was great!

All in all the cards really helped to bring us (the american volunteers and the community of La Cuchilla) all together. For that I am very grateful.

Melissa, Nyack, NY


I had taken your cards home with me, and that is one of the things we were doing during the storm with no cards in candle light! my family surely got an education of our latino heritage as well. thank you.

Judy, Best Western, Nyack, NY


Educate, Entertain, Engage-I will be talking to some colleagues and partners to see how we can partner.

Ellen, NBC, New York City

Mr. Love

I watch Tiempo every week so I learned about this when it aired in late 2011. I scheduled a reminder to order them during Latin AIDS Awareness Month.

Mr. Love, Paterson, NJ


Pardon my forwardness but I think you have a good product, and the language teaching world now is all about communicative student-to-student learning (like flashcards!) and any activities that involve this type of learning (students discussing-in world language-a topic in pairs or groups).

Marta, Allendale, NJ


This is a wonderful way to learn about Hispanic leaders in a fun way. Great idea!

Jair, Ogilvy, New York City


I can share with my colleagues, friends and family this innovative concept that Latin Heritage Cards represent. I really liked the concept!

Leticia, Brownsville, Texas


I received the pack today. Thank you for such fast service. Can't give you feedback as I am giving it as a small extra gift for my son's birthday. He is of Colombian heritage and a real history buff so thought he would enjoy this very different item. I believe it will be just like shown on TV and there won't be any problem. Thank you again.

Joanne, Bergenfield, New Jersey


I sent these as a gift to my son who is the sponsor for the high school program where they compete against other schools on general knowledge. They did arrive and he does plan to use them in his meetings with this group. I thought it was such a great idea.

Judith, Las Vegas


We think your cards are fabulous. Also, I want to commend you on your personalized contact with the consumer. It makes the consumer feel special and elicits great consumer good will and feedback, which are very important. Thanks and congratulations on your great product.

Heidi, Lambertville, New Jersey


Saw this product on TV and thought it was a great idea. Purchased a copy and was so surprised that it arrived so quick. Once I saw the cards I came back and purchased four more decks as they make great gifts!

Linda, New York


The Latin Heritage Cards are very informative and I am very satisfied with them. I want to order two more packs for gifts.

Lourdes, New York, New York


I received my cards today and I am extremely pleased with them. I was familiar with most of the historical figures but pleasantly surprised with those that I had not known. I will give considerable thought to feedbacks and/or suggestions in the near future. Thank you for helping us "Learn it, Dream it, Make it..."

Rose, Sunrise, Florida


Everything was perfect, great teaching tool to pass on to the younger generation. Thanks again, and best of wishes in your endevors, I will spread the word.

Rich, Valley Stream, New York


Congratulations on the launch of this wonderful product!

Brenda, Nyack, New York


Nice website; Great venture!

Brandy, Washington D.C.


This is pretty cool. Now why didn't I think of it? I wish you the best on this venture.

Vivian, New Jersey


Thank you so much for the cards!! I love them and the students will learn from them. Gracias.

Sonia, New Jersey


The quality of the cards are great!

Dan from Aldan Press, Bardonia, New York