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  • 01 LHC in NYC.jpg01 LHC in NYC
  • LHC and CN Tower in Toronto.jpgLHC and CN Tower in Toronto
  • LHC at 2010 NYC Marathon (1st Place).jpgLHC at 2010 NYC Marathon (1st Place)
  • LHC at Cornell University.jpgLHC at Cornell University
  • LHC at Napa Valley.jpgLHC at Napa Valley
  • LHC at Santa Monica.jpgLHC at Santa Monica
  • LHC in Reno.jpgLHC in Reno
  • LHC in San Francisco.jpgLHC in San Francisco
  • LHC in Toronto.jpgLHC in Toronto
  • LHC in Vegas.jpgLHC in Vegas
  • LHC looking at Alcatraz.jpgLHC looking at Alcatraz
  • LHC over the Golden Gate Bridge.jpgLHC over the Golden Gate Bridge